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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Road to Burma; pre-departure

By: Mr. Mohammad Yousef Hasna

Liberty ships moved to Gaza in order to break the naval blockade on it and deliver message to the international community and its governments which had Advantaged that they will not accept the inhuman dealing for trapped in the Gaza Strip, many of them succeeded to access and deliver the message, most of them succeeded in delivering the message but did not reach the Gaza beach, and some of them pay their blood as a tax for delivering oppressed and downtrodden voice who are in Gaza, their blood mixed with the sea water such as perfume that increased the purity of sea water and the martyrs' souls went up to force the siege received a fatal blow, moreover the world came to over one million and a half Palestinians living inhumane conditions because of the occupation racial which superiority the Nazism and the apartheid regime in South Africa.
Today, repression and harm are increasing against Muslims in Burma, their blood go as river flow, burning of houses, killing of elders, children and women pre young people. Restrict the movement of marriage, birth and worship which present a flagrant violation of all human rights which are announced in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international conventions in this regard. Muslims in Myanmar are suffering from the worst types of ethnic cleansing under internationalist ignorance for their status and their tragedy. Despite of the oldest for this tragedy, Arab and Islamic world heard for the first time about the persecution of Muslims Myanmar and their tragedy after spring Arab revolution and global technological revolution then start interacting with them and with their tragedy. scientists and some politicians start to highlight and access to the country for the purpose of providing assistance, look at the situation and put pressure on the government of Myanmar to stop repressive practices and brutal killing which carried out under its auspices and the leadership of the army.

It was so important to think in creative and bold ways to highlight the crimes SO there was resolution from The Malaysian Islamic Organizations Consultative Council (MAPIM) inspired from the experience of convoys to break the siege on Gaza, and advertise about going liberty-ship for Myanmar to send the voice of the oppressed there to the whole world by delivering aids to those exposed to the slaughter daily .

Since the announcement the registration requests flowed from participants to register for joining and get around 1,400 volunteers until the moment, from several countries gathered together, are demanding for justice to all and strive to ensure the right of life and to live in dignity.

The ancient-modern experience will penetrate the unjust siege which imposed on Muslims in Myanmar, in both cases if volunteers arrived or will not arrive. It will promote awareness towards the issue of Muslims there, declare the volunteers rejection who represent several countries against the brutal treatment for Muslims there, and the friendship humanity refuses to insult people whatever their religion, whatever race Humanity brings us together.

Volunteers will sail within a ship to break the siege of Muslims in Burma, they have a cruise for four days where they face the risk of sea and it's variability, then face Fascist government there and their choices will be killing, imprisonment, torture then exile OR deliver the aids and they insist on delivering their sound then the aids.

For who are reading these lines, they have to assistance those who have left everything and prepare themselves for risks in order to confirm their humanity as much they can. Governments are required to provide international protection for this flotilla and ensure that no prejudice to their by Mnimar government.

The media is required to keep pace with move and send press delegations with LIVE contact as what was happening with the Liberty ships which coming to Gaza to help the volunteers send their message and make sure that their sacrifices will not in vain.

For the youth who is not a participant, they must adapting technology and social networking sites to publish the news, the vessel movements and current events on the ship until the end of the mission.

Eng. Mohammad Yousef Hasna

One of the volunteers involved in Burma Flotilla

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