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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


29th May 2012

The Secretariate Ulama Assembly of Asia (SHURA) and the Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Ngos (MAPIM) condemns strongly the recent carnage in Houla, Syria, killing more than 90 civilians including 49 children and 47 women.

We call on the OIC to take effective measure to address the worsening situation in Syria. As this is a Muslim nation facing internal turmoil, international Muslim community and nations have the obligation to prevent further violence and deterioration in Syria.

The OIC should convene an emergency meeting to end the conflict. The continued violence cannot be seen as an internal matter since the degree of civilian casualty has risen on daily basis. It is a case of a muslim nation collapsing from within.

SHURA and MAPIM registers it's serious concern on the situation. The current conflict is opening possible intervention by western forces.

The conflict must be halted through immediate implementation of the 6 point plan optioned by the UN representative Kofi Annan.

Unless the conflict  is resolved through the immediate stop of violence, the people of Syria is doomed to faces an uncertain future.

The Arab League and OIC initiative should be implemented together with the Kofi Annan plan. 

We are outraged by the complete disregard of civilian lives and the continued arming of conflicting parties resulting in death of innocent people.

The massacre must be condemn with the strongest word. We call that all parties within Syria should immediately put down their arms to form a transitional body for a security dialogue.

Abdul Ghani Samsuddin

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretariate General MAPIM