Monday, June 4, 2012


Media Statement MAPIM

4th June 2012 

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic NGOs (MAPIM) condemns the reported air strikes by IDF on Gaza 2 days ago (3rd June 2012).

The continued attacks are an act of a provocation to instigate resistance fighters to retaliate and thereby use as an alibi to launch a full response from IDF.

MAPIM call on the UN Security Council to warn Israel not to create a condition for another round of war with Gaza.

Israel must not be allowed to continue thier air raid operation without any reasons. If the air strikes invites a response from the resistance fighters, then it is Israel that should bear the full brunt from the people of Gaza.

We abhor the irresponsible act of Israel under the behest of the US full support that has killed and maimed thousands of Palestinians in the recent air strike.

It is only right that the international community should stand up and convey their strongest condemnation against Israel.

The recent attack which injured 7 people including children, is proof that Israel  is ever ready to strike at Gaza irrespective of the possibility of killing innocent civilians including children and women through the air force operation.

We convey are deepest sympathy to the family of the 7 wounded victims. One of the bom hit a house owned by 'Alfiqqi' at Mukhayyam An-Nusairat(kem pelarian Nusairat), Central. It was reported that 4 out of them were children, who were treated at the Syuhada' Al-Aqsa Hospital at Deir Al-Balah.

The ruthless and brutal air raid by Israel air force was reported by SAFA. A missile was launched on a chicken farm at  Ummu Al-Nasr located on the west of the district of Bayt Lahiya, north Semenanjung Gaza.

Mohd Azmi Abdul Hamid
Secretary General MAPIM

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